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You will be amazed by your own capacity to heal, recover and achieve a new level of health. Many people come to us for help with their pain or dysfunction, yet discover that many other areas of their health improve as well. While there are more than 65,000 Chiropractors in the world, less than .03% has the specialized training and education to provide the Upper Cervical Care you will experience at our clinic.


You will experience the highest quality spinal care without any cracking, twisting or popping. Our care is safe, gentle, painless, and may be a solution to your problem, when even drugs, surgery, or other forms of chiropractic have failed. The precision we use allows us to work smarter, not harder. We are so gentle, we are even perfect for infants and newborns.


In addition to experiencing the highest quality spinal care, you will also experience impeccable service. We are dedicated to providing you with a positive patient experience, excellent personal service and genuine compassion. We help people like you to improve their health and well-being with each visit–all necessary to the healing process–allowing us to take part in chiropractic miracles that bless, fulfill, and humble our hearts.

Customer Reviews


Dr. Marie Biek is phenomenal. She truly cares about her patients and takes the time with them to make sure that they leave her office feeling exceptional. When I first started seeing Dr. Biek I was experiencing neck and knee pain. I also had plantar fasciitis in both of my feet. After my first session with her my neck pain was gone! In our second session she addressed my knee and feet pain. She made adjustments on my knees and feet. I felt instant relief in my knees and feet. Before seeing her, I could barely run a few miles without experiencing horrible pains in my feet. Since my Nucca Care adjustments with Dr. Biek I've been able train and run a half marathon. She really takes the time with you to make sure your needs are being met and that you are beyond satisfied with her care. I've gone to other chiropractors before but I've never experienced the same quality of care that I've experienced with her. It's life changing!! I highly recommend her!! She is wonderful!!

Shelby L.


Dr. Biek is dedicated professional who delivers great joy from improving the quality of life for her patients - Thank You for the treatment you have provided to my family. Grateful for your help Marie -

Angelika S.


I started seeing Dr. Marie Biek a couple months back. For some time now, I've been having extremely tight muscles which lead to having bad posture and fatigue. A good friend recommended Dr. Marie and said she will be able to fix me right up! Upon my first visit, she took some films of my neck and I was shocked to find my head to be quite crooked! Dr. Marie explained to me that this could indeed be the culprit to my fatigue and bad posture! So I embarked under Dr. Marie's treatment, and I kid you not... even after my first appointment, I was standing straighter and taller... I think I gained an extra 2 inches! Moreover, I've been finding my fatigue has decreased! No more day naps for me! This is not your standard chiropractic adjustment. NUCCA is gentle and it appears to be much more effective too! I really appreciate that unlike many standard chiropractors who want you to be a client for your rest of your life, Dr. Marie sets you on a plan and once you are done, it's basically just minor maintenance here and there. You can tell Dr. Marie sincerely wants to help her patients get in the best health they can. I could blab on and on, but if you have any issues where you find yourself out of alignment, back pain, headaches, fatigue... I strongly recommend you call up Equilibrium Spinal Care and ask for Dr. Marie! Your health depends on it!

Andy J.

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